Innovation, Agility and Operational Performance


Each innovative company has specific processes that provide it with a competitive advantage. However, standard applications like ERP are focused on standard processes. PROCE55 overcomes ERP limitations..

PROCE55 applications cover mission-critical business processes, especially in the areas of production and logistics, but also finance, purchasing and sales processes, operating in 24/7 mode.

They optimally complement the functionality not covered by the standardized packaged applications like ERP and also enable the ERP functionality which is not useable in its standard implementation.

Extension of the ERP systems functionality is done non-invasively, without the need for customizing and programming them.

They can be seamlessly integrated with various applications (ERP, e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft), as well as systems and equipment (incl. PLC, Programmable Logic Controller – industrial computers used for automation and control of machinery and equipment).

Typical usage scenarios are business-driven automation projects in a fast-changing environment. Businesses which need to implement a unique solution that would strengthen company differentiation from competition, can especially benefit from deployment of PROCE55 and thus change and optimize current processes and attain better use of the existing IT infrastructure.

Ergonomic human-machine interface is optimized for real processes and users. Errors are eliminated and operations are radically simplified (using composite application and composite transactions) for use even by low-experience employees.

PROCE55 solution enables multi-channel access through a variety of devices, such as PC, mobile terminal, touchscreen, smartphone, tablet, barcode/RFID scanner (multi-channel access).

PROCE55 solutions provide the companies with three major benefits: 

  • innovation,
  • operational agility,
  • improved process performance


Based on the knowledge and experience, each innovative company has developed its own innovative specific processes that give it a competitive advantage. PROCE55 helps to support these company-specific and key processes.

Operational agility

PROCE55 enables rapid and cost-efficient adaptation to changes in a business environment. PROCE55 agility enables companies to overcome their main operational constraints and to continuously optimize their processes.

Improved process performance:

  • increasing worker productivity,
  • simplification of their work and error elimination,
  • automation of activities and integration of systems leading to increased productivity,
  • better use of existing IT investments in applications, systems, and technologies.