Increase equipment effectiveness and eliminate waste

With PROCE55 OEE system,

you support continuous improvement

and increase your competitiveness.

PROCE55 OEE is a suite of innovative applications and digital technologies built for Industry 4.0

Selected PROCE55 OEE customers


PROCE55 OEE application, based on the collection of objective production data in real time, allows you to:

  • react flexibly to changes and events in production
  • motivate workers
  • reduce costs
  • reduce downtimes
  • achieve optimal performance of production equipment
  • increase quality


  • Want to improve performance, optimize processes, reduce inventory, improve production flow, eliminate errors and enhance the ability to respond to changes and unexpected events.

  • Have a robust, yet rigid standard information system similar to SAP, that is not able to adequately and flexibly support specific processes and innovations.

  • PROCE55 allows to overcome these limitations and extend the functionality of standard applications without the need to change them.


  • We are experts and innovative suppliers in the field of process automation, system integration and industry mobilization.

  • We help our customers to optimize their processes and achieve the necessary agility in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • We provide solutions for Industry 4.0.
  • Our customers are in 15 countries on 4 continents. These include 20 multinational manufacturing corporations.


Experience and Know-how

With us, you can take advantage of the deep know-how and experience in critical business process automation. From successful projects for 20 global concerns around the world.

We started 15 years ago in the most demanding industrial markets (Germany, Switzerland, Austria).

Process intelligence
and process optimization

PROCE55 records true dynamics of real business processes. This allows you to analyze aspects of real processes and understand and optimize real processes in detail.

You can optimize business process performance by managing time aspects (response times, activity duration, unproductive times, etc.) and using the appropriate KPIs.

PROCE55 will help you to increase the stability of the process by quickly identifying the root causes in case of problems (failure, quality degradation, exceptions, nonconformity, etc.).

Agility and innovation

Changing requirements, continuous process optimization and new technologies are typical environments where PROCE55 is used.

You can deploy the basic PROCE55 OEE functionality very quickly and flexibly. You can easily and quickly adapt it to specific customer needs.

The ability to add specific functionality is an advantage.


PROCE55 Mobile allows you to work efficiently with the application anytime, anywhere via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, PDAs, etc.).

You get an overview (mobile visualization and reporting), alerts, as well as the ability to control the process via mobile devices.

Simple and intuitive use of the application on mobile devices simplifies your work, speeds up responses and facilitates system acceptance even by ordinary operators and maintenance staff.

Process integration from machines to the ERP systems like SAP

In order to obtain objective information, we collect data from machines in real time.

We integrate online with ERP systems like SAP (production orders, materials, standards, etc.) while maintaining full data and process consistency.

This is a unique advantage over other systems.

Stable technology
Offline mode

PROCE55 is a stable, proven, yet modern technology that has been running business-critical business processes 24*7 for years.

You can run PROCE55 even when SAP is unavailable (SAP offline mode) and PROCE55 mobile applications also in an environment with unavailable mobile network or Wi-Fi.

PROCE55 can be easily extended to other processes.

„The PROCE55 OEE software, connected to machines and SAP, provides us with real production information online, including OEE. It enables us to respond immediately to outages, continuously increase efficiency and improve processes.“

Ing. Peter Mišo,
CEO ArcelorMittal Gonvarri SSC Slovakia

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