List of services


On-premise or cloud systems. Solutions fully adapted to customer processes. Professional services from the initial consulting, through solution design, implementation, go-live support to a service-level agreement - all of that can be achieved in a partnership with East-Gate.


East-Gate helps clients to identify possibilities of productivity increase and suggest the optimal way of the increase through automation and integration, including identification an quantification of benefits. Several East-Gate clients used the possibility to verify the solution proposed by means of PoC (Proof of Concept).

Maintenance, Support, Hot-line, SLA

East-Gate solutions are used in critical processes and the company therefore ensures a relevant service support, including SLA contact. We provide clients with 24/7 services when necessary.

SW as a service

If the client requires, East-Gate also provides its solutions in the form of a Software as a Service. The advantage of this solution for the client is the well-balanced cash-flow charged from operational expenditure (OPEX) whilst no capital expenditure (CAPEX) is needed. The client does not even have to be an administrator of the relevant infrastructure.


East-Gate successfully uses a client-oriented implementation methodology CDAP (Customer Driven Agile Prototyping).

Thanks to CDAP, the concept and implementation of the solution is extremely flexible, promptly responds to client’s needs or requests and excellently adapts to the real processes.

Due to the extreme flexibility of PROCE55 solution, customization of the user interface and the process is carried out during the implementation and in the direct interaction with the client.

Business Process Outsourcing

In the field of document digitalization (DIP - Document Image Processing), East-Gate clients successfully use outsourcing of particular business processes (Business Process Outsourcing). It is also possible to provide BPO in East-Gate area and within its technologies as well as in client’s area and within their technologies.

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