Quick-wins and benefits in just a few weeks. Solutions fully adapted to customer processes by iterative implementation. Agility, innovativeness and continuous improvement supported.

PROCE55 implementation

Implementation of PROCE55 solution enables to launch a functional solution in a very short period of time, usually within few weeks. Clients thus achieve quick wins in performance of processes. An innovative approach allows implementation without detailed specification and in a dialogue with the client. Thus it is possible to work on details or carry out necessary changes easily, even during the full, productive operation.

Implementation of PROCE55 solution is based on the methodology Customer Driven Agile Prototyping (CDAP). Such implementation of process solution is based on the best experience acquired from a number of existing implementations of PROCE55 solution.

CDAP solves out a typical problem related to automation in the new environment. Client’s ability to specify optimal final processes at the beginning of the project is thus limited.

CDAP enables to start the implementation on the basis of the first concept and then move towards the optimal solution. Flexibility of PROCE55 even enables changes of the solution in the process of implementation, for example on the basis of relevant changes and stimuli, which were not known at the beginning of the project.

Our approach to implementation satisfies clients, meets costs allocated in prior as well as delivery deadlines.

Process of the implementation

Implementation of PROCE55 by means of CDAP usually comprises following main phases:

  • Analyses of the processes and suggestion of the first prototype,
  • Iterative, tailored-made solution with the use of agile methods,
  • Setting the solution into operation and subsequent monitoring, optimization and support, usually based on SLA (service level agreement),
  • continual optimization of processes can begin when the steady state of the solution is achieved.

Consulting services on optimization and automation of processes may precede the above mentioned phases.

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