Innovation, agility and operational performance


Each innovative company has developed specific processes, which provide them with a competitive advantage. However, standard application such as ERP are focused on standard processes. PROCE55 overcomes this limitation and integrated with ERP brings agility and innovation to critical shop-floor processes. It supports continuous improvement and operational performance improvement.

PROCE55 applications automatize critical business processes mainly in the field of logistics and production, usually in the 24-a-day operation (24/7). They also provide clients with functions not included in package business information systems. Expansion of ERP systems functionality is carried out in a non-invasive way, and there is no need for customization.

Typical scenarios for usage of PROCE55 include automation projects in rapidly changing environment, directed by production and logistic managers in the position of process owners. They require a specific solution, which would differentiate them from their competitors, change and optimize current processes and make better use of the existing IT infrastructure.

PROCE55 provides ergonomic tailor-cut user interface for real processes and users. PROCE55 applications are intuitive and allow quick training. They also eliminate failures and significantly simplify operation.

It is possible to use various devices such as PC, mobile terminal, touch screen, smartphone, tablet, bar code readers/RFID (multi-channel access) at the same time for process management within PROCE55.

PROCE55 solution provides companies with three fundamental benefits:

  • innovativeness,
  • operational agility,
  • increased efficiency of processes.

Innovation capacity

Each innovation company has developed specific processes based on their knowledge and experience, which provide them with a competitive advantage. Application PROCE55 enables support of these key processes specific for each company.

Operational agility

PROCE55 enables companies quickly adapt on changes in their environment at optimal costs. Agility of PROCE55 solution allows companies to overcome significant operational limitations and enables continual optimization of processes.

Increased efficiency of processes

PROCE55 benefits its clients:

  • improvements in productivity of workers,
  • simplification of work and elimination of errors,
  • automation of actions and integration of systems,
  • more efficient use of existing investments in IT applications, systems and technologies.

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