Benefits of PROCE55 Maintenance implementation

Main benefits of implementing PROCE55 Maintenance

Reduce breakdowns - Proactive, preventive and predictive maintenance reduces unexpected downtimes and increases reliability of the system.

Extend life of your devices  - Regular maintenance ensures longer device functionality

Accelerate submission of service requirements - Use of mobile devices and a simple process accelerates submission of reports, service requirements and the subsequient maintenance.

Improve your planning and increase productivity - Clear planning of maintenance activities reduces non-productive time and improves productivity during the working time. Increased productivity of workers. 

Get the smart maintenance of processes - PROCE55 Maintenance gives you a good overview of important parameters, including information on current status of your devices, activities, maintenance and operational history.

Improve measurement of the productivity - You can monitor key indicators (KPIS), including productivity of work, meeting regulations and standards, breakdowns, periods of repairs, priorities and reliability.

Introduce high standards - Management of all maintenance activities just in one system and creation of consistent operational and safety standards increases quality of maintenance.

Optimize supplies, reduce spare parts shortage - Accurate and organized system of supply management improves management of spare parts and materials.

Digitize and automate processes, eliminate manual processes and introduce paperless maintenance

Build a maintenance system complying to Industry 4.0

Reduce your maintenance costs - management of all aspects of maintenance processes including workers, activities and spare parts reduces maintenance costs without the need to reduce the number of workers.

Base your decisions on real data and information - Correct and promptly available data and information are a prerequisite to make correct decisions. Relevant data can be collected directly from the machinery or sensors.

Be notified on time of non-standard events or deviations

Store and share KNOW-HOW - Reports and documentation on maintenance, technical documentation, photos, videos, models and so on can be simply entered into the system. These data are easily available in the context for all entitled users via mobile devices. Anywhere, anytime. PROCE55 Maintenance knowledge database enables quick access to reports on history of problem solving, provides guidance on effective problem solving. It also allows sharing maintenance experts’ experience and knowledge with junior maintenance staff.

Build the system in compliance with your priorities - Modular and flexible architecture enables you to build the system gradually. At the very beginning, you can focus on the key problems you need to solve and thus achieve quick wins. Then you can further expand your system.

The system can be used even by common maintenance workers - An optimized user interface makes it possible for common maintenance staff to cope with the system. Screens are simplified, so the training of the new employee can be carried out quickly, operation of the system does not require wide experience contrary to complicated SAP type systems.  Use of mobile devices even strengthens this aspect. 

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