PROCE55 Applications


Automation of mission-critical processes proven by successful projects in international companies

Based on many years of experience in process automation projects, we have developed pre-configured applications and components to support the vast majority of production and logistic processes of a typical manufacturing company.

PROCE55 Applications are verified in a real business environment of our customers and include industry-best-practices to extend the standard ERP solution to support and mobilize industry-specific processes.

PROCE55-based solutions support mission-critical processes in large international companies. They have an excellent level of performance, efficiency, operational stability and availability.

In the context of pre-configured PROCE55 applications and components, the user interface, process flows and business logic are implemented on XML-based models and independent of ERP systems interface. This structure allows for maximum flexibility in adapting of pre-configured solutions to real needs and customer requirements.

If necessary, PROCE55 allows very fast and efficient development of applications or customer required functionality.

PROCE55 solutions support mobility and they operate without network connection or when the ERP system is off-line.

The applications are based on our innovative BPM PROCE55 technology.

Pre-configured applications and components

Online MES/MOM system for Smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0)
  • Scheduling
  • Allocation of production orders
  • Production control (including WIP – Work-in-progress)
  • Manufacturing operations management
  • Production confirmation
  • Production data collection (including collection of machines data)
  • Performance measurement (KPIs, including OEE and downtime analysis)
  • Integration of test / measurement systems
  • Data collection for quality control (e.g. SPC – Statistical process control)

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CMMS system for maintenance management and mobile maintenance
  • Planned maintenance (preventive, predictive, condition monitoring)
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Cost Management in maintenance
  • Management of spare parts
  • Equipment and tools management
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Integration of test / measurement systems
  • Mobile maintenance

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System for material flow, inventory management (WMS) and traceability
  • Supplier Portal (including delivery scheduling)
  • Goods receipt (including EDI integration, quality control)
  • WMS - Warehouse management system (including integration of automatic loading systems)
  • External and consignment stocks
  • Material movement control based on the barcodes / RFIDs
  • Goods issue to production (including Kanban)
  • Receipt from production
  • Picking
  • Shipment (including printing of selected documents)
  • JIT / JIS (Just-in-Time / Just-in-Sequence) scenarios
  • Traceability / Genealogy
  • Inventory count
  • Packaging management (including containers / pallets)
  • Waste Management

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