Technical aspects

System environment

PROCE55 Maintenance is a web application based on PROCE55 technology BPM (Business process management). Data are stored at the central database, processes are installed on the central server.

Windows Server or Linux can be used as a server operating system and Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQl or DB/2 as a database.

The application can be operated by means of a standard web browser, client’s PROCE55 or mobile client’s PROCE55. Terminal equipment can be used in web browser mode or in the mode of a native mobile application. Web browser is usually used for standard or touch PC and it is possible to use it even for mobile devices (PDA, smartphones, tablets). A native mobile application based on PROCE55 Mobile is usually used in mobile devices (PDA, smartphones or tablets based on Windows 10, Android 5.1 or higher, or iOS 8.1 and higher).

BPM Suite PROCE55 has been cited in reports of the most significant global analytical company Gartner.

EMM - Enterprise mobile management

PROCE55 Mobile provides flexible possibilities of mobile application usage.

Safety, stability and protection of investments

PROCE55 solution is based on open standards (Java, XML) and internet protocols. It does not depend on the platforms (Windows, Linus) and enables multi-cannel access and application management (PC, netbook, tablet, PDA, Smartphone).

PROCE55 is a stable and proven technology running critical business processes without any problems in 24/7 operation mode.

Since the very beginning, architecture of PROCE55 system has been designed as a massive, robust, default-free aspect requiring minimal administration and maintenance. Demands on administration and maintenance are significantly lower if compared with SAP and other systems. PROCE55 system has been used in critical production and logistic processes in industrial plants around the world for many months and even years, running 24/7 operation without the need of any intervention apart from a regular data preservation.

PROCCE55 solution requires only modest hardware devices. It is independent on the “update cycle” of SAP-type systems.

To integrate with SAP, PROCE55 uses standard, steady and proven tools which has been stable for decades. Therefore PROCE55 needs minimal corrections while the SAP system is being upgraded. To be more specific, if a SAP system (including the transfer to SAP Hana) is being upgraded and it is necessary to adapt and test it, PROCE55 can managed these processes within few days.

Safety of the solution PROCE55 is proven by the fact, that it is used in international concerns with high safety demands. To give an example, PROCE55 is used by a global American corporation including armament division. PROCE55 is therefore annually updated in terms of safety.

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