Online PROCE55 & SAP Integration

With its unique integration capabilities, PROCE55 extends the reach of SAP to Shop floor processes (production, maintenance, logistics). It links SAP business objects to real process data collected from machines and environment in real time.

SAP for standard processes + PROCE55 for innovation and agility

Many companies use the SAP system is as an ERP (Enterprise resource planning). It is a robust but at the same time rigid information system that can cover standard processes relatively well. However, SAP is not able to adequately and especially flexibly support specific processes and innovations typical for shop floor (production, maintenance, logistics), which give the company a competitive advantage.

Often, the SAP system does not sufficiently or even partially cover the needs of shop floor processes for various reasons. In this case, it is optimal to use the PROCE55 solution that overcomes these constraints, extends SAP functionality without changing it, and covers the real needs of the customer.

Real-time SAP & PROCE55 integration on the business object level

In order to fully integrate with the SAP system and maintain full data and process consistency, the whole integration process must be online. This means that the work is done in real time, data and transactions are usually synchronized immediately. This way, PROCE55 application data and processes are synchronized with SAP, which is a unique advantage over other systems

Full data and process consistency

The PROCE55 system works directly with SAP business objects of the relevant SAP system modules. This ensures data and process consistency.

SAP connector

Preferred communication with the SAP system is through a native East-Gate PROCE55 XML/RFC connector. This allows online and offline two-way data exchange between PROCE55 applications and the SAP system, as well as transaction control in the SAP context using BAPI/RFM. Other SAP integration options are SAP-PI/NetWeaver/Web services or IDoc.

Typical PROCE55 Maintenance integrational scenarios with SAP:
Architecture of PROCE55 Maintenance integration with SAP PM:
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