Real-time SAP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning systems primarily automate routine, highly repeatable (back-office) tasks and are fairly rigid when it comes to responding to overall market or internal business changes. Companies increasingly respond to these challenges by innovating and competitively differentiating beyond and outside the ERP itself. Maintenance is a good example illustrating the challenge. ERP systems overall and SAP in particular cover the plant maintenance process needs only partially and on the high, enterprise level only. PROCE55 Maintenance application covers these functional gaps without any change to the way SAP back-end is configured.

While PROCE55 Maintenance is perfectly able to work stand-alone in majority of implementations it is integrated online with ERP back-ends, most often SAP, keeps data consistent as the transactions and associated data are synchronized immediately.

PROCE55 Maintenance application works directly with SAP Plant Maintenance (or other SAP apps) business objects.

PROCE55 XML/RFC is an efficient, robust and easy to setup connector to SAP enabling both on-line and off-line bidirectional data interchange between PROCE55 apps and SAP as well as controlling transactions via BAPIs/RFMs. Other alternatives to integrate with SAP are SAP-PI, NetWeaver, web services or IDoc.

Typical PROCE55 Maintenance integrational scenarios with SAP:
Architecture of PROCE55 Maintenance integration with SAP PM: