Connecting enterprise with shop floor

Integrating production with ERP and other systems

Integration is a critical success factor when it comes to advanced real-time business process automation. PROCE55 tools and applications collect data from production equipment, link them both with shop floor and enterprise systems - such as PROCE55 Manufacturing applications monitoring production (e.g. OEE, downtime) or production order processing at the shop floor level and traceability by SAP or other back-ends at the enterprise level.

PROCE55 collects machine, device and environment data directly from PLCs (e.g. Simatic) or from OPC servers using pre-configured PROCE55 Connectors. PROCCE55 Applications can control production equipment via PLC.

Integrating other systems

PROCE55 uses and manages a large scope of standard APIs and legacy communication protocols to integrate various systems and applications - e.g. document storage and management systems (DMS, CMS, ECM), e-mail, calendar or time & attendance systems.

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