Integration and IT context


We combine our industry know-how with the ability to automate processes and integrate systems and technology to increase agility, innovation and operational performance of our customers.

The standardized packaged applications like ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.) automate standard business processes in enterprises. However, businesses often lack support for specific key business processes, especially in production and logistics, which differ among companies and provide them with a competitive advantage.

The optimal task of ERP is the role of corporate backbone, specific processes can be supported through optimized specialized IT solutions that are integrated with ERP. Today, most businesses need more than one IT system and in this context integration is a critical issue.

Based on the experience in many projects, we know that standard ERP systems usually do not sufficiently cover the needs of manufacturing companies. The customers are confronted with the limits: (1) functionality, which does not sufficiently cover the needs and specificities of the plant, (2) complicated use, requiring significant time consumption and operator qualification and (3) inflexibility in implementing changes.

With PROCE55, the enterprise gains a specific business solution that supports its competitive advantage and extends ERP functionality to operational (shop-floor) processes.

The PROCE55 based solutions provide optimal automation of industry-specific processes (e.g. logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, maintenance, etc.) and allow seamless integration with standard (like ERP) as well as legacy systems. This allows for a very high level of vertical integration and business process automation.

Increased productivity and process costs reduction will be achieved as a result of the real improvement of the process performance. PROCE55 allows easy implementation of company-specific solutions, complements existing enterprise software and adds agility to business operations. In terms of process performance increase and process costs reduction, the continuous optimization of business processes is a critical factor of the success. Business processes optimization can be achieved only through effective implementation of processes, reporting, monitoring, analysis and proper redesign, as allowed by Business Process Management (BPM). Depending on a changing business environment, PROCE55 allows a simple and flexible adaptation of the solution using modeling, so the supported business processes can be continuously optimized.

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