Unique features of PROCE55

Smart processes, visualization, optimization of processes

PROCE55 works with discreet events and records real dynamics of real processes. It allows to analyse aspects of real processes (parameters of a production process and environment, workers’ activity, etc.), in the context with business objects in a SAP system (contract, material and so on). Thus it is possible to understand real business processes and optimize them.

Productivity of business processes can be optimized by time management (reaction time, duration of activities, unproductive time, etc.), or by the use of relevant key productivity indicators (KPIs).

In case there is a problem (a failure, decline in the quality, exceptions, non-compliances and so on) a prompt identification of key reasons can increase stability of processes.

PROCE55 records production data in the real time. They can be visualized on screens placed directly in production or maintenance and also on computers and mobile devices. Productivity of business processes can be constantly improved by their analysis.

Integration of processes from devices to SAP

PROCE55 with its unique integration abilities enables to connect SAP system with machinery and production devices. PROCE55 integrates and synchronizes system SAP (work in the real time, data and transactions are synchronized immediately), overcomes limits and provides clients with specific functionality and mobility.

Business object in the SAP system (contract, material, etc.) are on-line connected with relevant real data acquired from the machinery and production lines. Such a trouble-free integration improves management process in the real time, which makes it possible to carry out solutions for complex industrial scenarios an integrate several applications and systems in real processes.

PROCE55 automatizes business processes throughout the whole plant and supports end-to-end processes, reduces frictions and losses, i.e. waste in processes (lean approach).

Agility and innovations

PROCE55 allows a flexible response to rapid changes in business environment - provides operational agility. The application controls exemptions - unexpected events - supports continual optimization and improves productivity of business processes in real time. It also allows automation of innovative processes and thus provides clients with a competitive advantage.


Mobility is one of the key driving forces enabling companies to maximize their production. PROCE55 Mobile allows to work with the application effectively. Anywhere. Anytime. Simple and intuitive use of the application via mobile devices makes it easy for common operators and maintenance staff to cope with the system.

Smart maintenance in the context of Industry 4.0

Although now it is not quite possible to give a detailed description of smart maintenance of the future, the key components of smart maintenance (Smart Maintenance) in the context of Industry 4.0 are known even today. They include prediction, remote diagnostics and repairs, activities directed by data collected from machinery and processes, work in the real time, mobility, cooperation and integration. East-Gate and PROCE55 application strategy complies with these trends.

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