Process modeling


PROCE55 Modeler allows to develop, modify and implement processes extremely quickly and efficiently. As required by business.

Process modeling

Business process modeling (BPM) represents enterprise processes, so that the current processes can be analyzed or improved.

The usual business objectives of our customers are increasing the process agility; reducing the cycle time; increasing the quality and reducing costs, such as labor, materials, scrap, or capital costs.

Using PROCE55 modeling with agile iterative prototyping, a quick and continuous improvement of process performance can be achieved even in complex environments.

PROCE55 Modeler

  • Visual intuitive process solution modeling
  • Rapid interactive solution composition based on agile iterative prototyping and optimization using simulation
  • Full synchronization removes boundaries between the design and run-time modes; round-trip engineering is thus eliminated
  • Allows for detailed analysis of process activities, their simulation, adaptation, and optimization
  • Based on BPMN principles
  • Cloud enabled

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