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We connect knowledge of the processes and know-how in the field with innovative technologies

East-Gate is a private company established in 2005. Since then, it have been providing its products and related services directly to its clients. East-Gate is currently in the phase of a structural profit growth, extending its network of partners and making plans to continue with global expansion.

The founder of East-Gate and the solution architect of PROCE55 is Ivan Gallo. Sooner than East-Gate was established, he was involved in the development of automation solutions for critical business processes, mainly in the field of production and logistics.

Since the mid 80ies, he was responsible for implementation of ERP systems (SAP) in several plants in various countries. These projects helped him recognize limitations of production and logistic systems

Key staff of East-Gate comprises graduates in the field of automation and information technology. They have 20-year experience in real industrial automation and integration of systems, as well as 10-year experience with implementation of ERP application mainly in production plants and have experienced the process from both points of view, client’s as well as provider’s.

Our international team comprises consultants and IT specialists situated in the region of Central Europe. East-Gate has established a cooperation and partnership with consultancy companies with relevant specialization as well as with global systematic co-operators.

Ivan Gallo

CEO - Company Founder & Solution Architect

„I dreamed of an ideal solution which would allow for rapid automation of end-to-end processes and integration of standard systems.“

Juraj Sabaka

Vice-President Sales and Marketing

„I decided for East-Gate when I recognized the large potential of the PROCE55 solution and its benefits for customers.“

Boris Kalinin

CTO - Product and Technology

„At East-Gate I focus on the development of PROCE55, especially the connectivity. I have extensive experience from international projects.“

Tibor Beleš

CCO - Chief Commercial Officer

„Adding my 23 years of global Oracle and SAP leadership experience to drive customer success and growth.“

Leonhard Ferner

CFO - Finance and Legal

„I contribute to the company team with my combined background in engineering and business.“

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