How PROCE55 works

PROCE55 Maintenance stores data about machinery and equipment, automatizes reports and maintenance tasks, collects data and thus monitors machinery and equipment, makes plans for maintenance works and sources, reports stock levels, provides visualizations and reports in order to make decisions based on real data.

PROCE55 Maintenance is a web-based application depending on technology PROCE55 BPM (Business process management). Data are stored in the central database and processes are installed at the central server.

Application can be operated by a standard web browser, a client of PROCE55 or PROCE55 mobile client. Standard or touch-screen PC, mobile equipment such as PDA, smartphones or tablets can be used as terminal equipment.

Application PROCE55 Maintenance is multilingual.

PROCE55 is prepared to collect data from machinery, equipment and surroundings (Machine data collection). These data can be collected through connectors PROCE55 directly from PLC (Simatic) or server OPC. The application PROCE55 is able to control machinery (by PLC) in defined scenarios.

Preferred communication with SAP system is carried out by a native connector PROCE55 XML/RFC. It enables on-line and off-line bi-directional data interchange among applications PROCE55 and system SAP as well as check on transactions made within SAP by means of BAPIs/RFMs. Other options for integrating with SAP are SAP-PI/NetWeaver/Web services or IDOC.

PROCE55 enables integration of various systems and applications with the use of standard communicative API as well as older legacy protocols, including systems for documentation storage and management (DMS, CMS, ECM), e-mail systems, systems to administer calendars or attendance systems in order to identify workers.

Application PROCE55 Maintenance is initially integrated with applications PROCE55 Manufacturing to monitor production (including OEE and downtime analysis), production log offs and traceability.

It is possible to install PROCE55 Maintenance directly at the client (on-premise) or it can be provided as a service (SaaS - Software as a Service).

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