Application PROCE55 Maintenance

Ensuring the operability of production equipment is a critical requirement for manufacturing companies. Unplanned machine and line outages are costly, causing production downtime and subsequent delays. Optimizing maintenance costs is another key requirement.

PROCE55 Maintenance is a modern, efficient, agile CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software for management, automation and mobilization of maintenance processes and Industry 4.0. It is a digitization tool in maintenance.

PROCE55 Maintenance

  • Increases operability of machinery and equipment, optimizes maintenance costs.
  • Enables planning and management of maintenance and related processes.
  • Can be excellently online integrated with SAP system, other systems and applications, as well as with production technologies.
  • Has an user-friendly interface optimized for maintenance workers and is therefore an easy-to-use tool.
  • Preserves and shares maintenance know-how.
  • Optimizes and enriches functionality which is not included in business applications such as SAP, or even if, it is inapplicable for customers.

World-class solution for maintenance planning and management and Industry 4.0

PROCE55 Maintenance maintenance management application is a tool to address these requirements. By using process intelligence, integration of machines, technology equipment and various systems (including SAP like ERP systems) as well as mobility in the context of Industry 4.0, and preserving and sharing know-how, the customer gains a world-class solution (state of the art).

Gain process intelligence and process insight

PROCE55 solution works with discrete events and records real process dynamics, enabling

  • to analyze aspects of the real process in relation to a time event (production process and surroundings parameters, activity of operators, etc.) in the context of ERP business objects (order, material, etc.),
  • performance analysis,
  • thus allowing a proper understanding of processes and their optimization (Continuous improvement).

Integrate shop floor with SAP system

With its unique integration capabilities, PROCE55 system extends the reach of SAP to shop floor processes. Business objects in SAP are online linked to relevant real-time data collected by machines and intelligent production lines. This seamless integration improves real-time process control.

PROCE55 automates end-to-end business processes across the enterprise. This eliminates obstacles, reduces waste and loss (Lean Approach).

Improve your agility and innovation. Fast implementation and results

PROCE55 SW is configurable according to customer needs. Basic functionality can be deployed very quickly and flexibly. It can be easily adapted to customer needs (tailor-made). Its great advantage is the possibility to add a specific functionality fulfilling the customer's expectation. Implementation is possible step by step, which brings quick wins.

PROCE55 Maintenance will improve your agility and innovativeness, giving you a competitive advantage.

The solution supports continuous optimization and improvement. This is made possible by the unique BPM (Business Process Management) technology on which PROCE55 is based. The customer can take advantage of solution benefits quickly and also expand it gradually.

Integrate online and extend SAP functionality

PROCE55 Maintenance information system for intelligent maintenance is process oriented. It can be used as a standalone application, or it can be online integrated with SAP. In this case, PROCE55 Maintenance IS extends the standard functionality of SAP system, bringing users the benefits of specific improvements and enhancing the performance of relevant processes.

Mobilize maintenance processes - mobile maintenance

PROCE55 Mobile Maintenance is a native mobile maintenance application bringing mobility (mobile maintenance) and offline work capabilities to maintenance processes when SAP or network connectivity is unavailable. Mobility ensures that information is available anytime, anywhere.

Digitize - digital maintenance, paper elimination

PROCE55 Maintenance is an optimal tool for maintenance digitization and paperless maintenance..

Continuous development based on trends and knowledge from real practice

East-Gate continually develops PROCE55 Maintenance functionality based on experience from real projects implemented for world-class industrial companies and in compliance with Smart Maintenance and Smart Factory trends.

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