PROCE55 technology was developed by East-Gate and it is a basis of universally useful BPM software, nowadays known as PROCE55.

PROCE55 supports the agile iterative composition paradigm for business process automation and system integration.

PROCE55 uses the explicit XML process model which unifies all key BPM components: service orchestration (workflow across all resources), user interface (XML based dynamic forms) and application logic - external services (e.g. SAP connector, OPC/PLC connector), internal services (application server with specific business logic), and SQL DBMS interface (JDBC connectivity).

The Process Execution and State Management Engine of PROCE55 works as an orchestrator of all involved resources and controls the end-to-end processes loosely coupling the resources at execution time according to the process model.

The process activities can be monitored (BAM) and the processed services are recorded (ESB). The BPM Engine is independent on operating system (Java EE and .NET engines are available).

PROCE55 is multi-channel capable, the application can be controlled by any device. The PROCE55 architecture shows the picture.

The communication with SAP system - using native RFC connector (XPCo) - enables online and offline (cache and queue) bi-directional exchange of data between the PROCE55 based applications and SAP® system as well as the transactional control in context of the SAP system using BAPIs/RFMs.

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