Carrier Corporation is a leader in providing heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. It delivers sustainable solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, for use in the field of food and transportation. It is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), provider of high technology products and services for construction companies and aerospace industry. UTC is the 37th largest U.S. corporation and 126th largest in the world.

Carrier revenue: 12.5 bn USD

Carrier employment: 45.000

UTC revenue: 62.6 bn USD

UTC employment: 218.300

PROCE55 solution from East-Gate is used by Carrier for warehouse management (WMS), material flow, logistics and production control.

It is used in production plants in Beroun and Mýto u Rokycan in the Czech Republic and in Jászárokszálláse in Hungary. The project implementation in manufacturing plants in France and China is being prepared.

PROCE55 was primarily selected as a tool for warehouse management (WMS, barcoding). Due to its flexibility, simplicity and reliability, the solution has been extended to goods receipt, production supply (including pick by light), production confirmation, maintenance and data consolidation for reporting to the UTC concern.

The solution is closely integrated with SAP and other technological systems.

With regard to defense industry companies within the UTC concern, there are strict security rules for used IT solutions. PROCE55 is regularly audited and in terms of security is rated as fully secure.

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