Matador Automotive Sodecia

Matador Automotive is a supplier of metal stampings and welded assemblies to the automotive and consumer electronics industries. It is part of the Sodecia group.

Currently, automotive is the key pillar of Matador business, which aims to become a system supplier of metal stamped and welded parts for the automotive industry.

Matador Automotive revenue : 150 mn EUR

Employment: 1.200

PROCE55 solution is used by Matador Automotive for production monitoring (OEE), production confirmation and maintenance in production plants in Nitra, Vráble and Liberec.

Matador Automotive decided to extend PROCE55 OEE to other machines after verifying the pilot project of production monitoring on two key machines.

Today, PROCE55 system is used on dozens of various machines in 3 production plants.

PROCE55 OEE application online connected to machines and SAP identifies outages and their causes and automatically triggers relevant alerts (signal lights, SMS, etc.) to notify maintenance operators, adjusters, manipulators, logistics etc. to eliminate downtimes. 

As stated by the process engineer Jozef Polozsányi: "The solution allows to react more quickly to outages and enhance the effectiveness of equipment usage."

The solution is online integrated with SAP system.

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