The solution from East-Gate has been implemented in Epcos, which is a part of TDK-EPC Corporation.

TDK/Epcos develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, modules and systems, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include information and communications technology, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

In SAW components, ceramic components, capacitors and inductors alike, TDK/Epcos consistently stands for superlative electronic performance.

Over 20 design and production locations and a tightly meshed sales network give the company a genuine global footprint.

Revenue: 12 bn USD

Employment: 103.000

TDK concern uses PROCE55 solution to automate shop floor processes, integrate systems and collect data from machines and lines.

Key applications include production control and confirmation (MES), KPI measurement, production visualization, maintenance management (CMMS), and workflow for entering purchase requests and orders. PROCE55 Mobile mobile applications are also used.

Used in 9 production plants: Deutschlandsberg (Austria), Berlin and Munich (Germany), Kutina (Croatia), Šumperk (Czech Republic), 2 plants in Zhuhai (China), Batam (Indonesia) and Malaysia.

PROCE55 system is integrated with SAP system.

A project for collecting machine data, measuring, evaluating and visualizing key production KPIs (including OEE) has been implemented in Batam, Indonesia. More than 2.000 machines from various manufacturers are currently connected to PROCE55 application online. MES boxes are used for automated data collection from machines, which are assembled and supplied by East-Gate under the name X4PCAM. The solution enables data collection both manually and automatically (if the production line is equipped with appropriate interfaces) and also enables switching between these modes. The solution enables navigation at various levels of data display and aggregation, from the management dashboard to detailed analysis of downtime causes. Quality monitoring based on Statistical Process Control is also in operation, enabling production line monitoring, monitoring processes for further optimization and ultimately increasing overall product quality. TDK in Batam manufactures thermistors and employs 1.500 people.

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