Nkt cables develops, manufactures and markets power cables and cable systems for electricity transmission (high voltage cables and accessories), electricity distribution (medium voltage cables and accessories), and electrical installations (low voltage cables). The range also includes submarine cables, catenary materials for electric railways, wires for the automotive industry and a wide selection of special cables for industrial uses. With manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland and China and sales offices all over the world, nkt cables is a market oriented, highly technological cables manufacturer with global ambitions. The primary market for nkt cables is Europe and China.

Revenue: 1,05 bn EUR (2016)

Employment: 3 700 (20146)

PROCE55 based solutions in nkt cables are used for production, logistics and warehouse management. It has been implemented already in 9 manufacturing plants in Western and Central Europe.

In nkt cables, PROCE55 applications integrated with SAP support all relevant production and logistics processes (production planning, control, and confirmation, goods receipt, container management, waste management, and others) and project management (submarine cable laying).

PROCE55 is used in manufacturing plants in Cologne, Nordenham, Berlin (Germany), Asnaes (Denmark), Kladno, Velké Meziříči (Czech Republic), Warszowice (Poland), Drammen / Oslo (Norway). The implementation at plants in Sweden and China is being prepared.

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