Miele is a manufacturer of the top class rated washing machines, dryers and dishwashers for domestic and commercial use. Having always been a family business since its founding by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann in Germany in 1899, Miele has dealerships worldwide and 12 manufacturing plants in several countries in Europe and Asia.

Production plant Miele technika in Uničov was founded in 2002 and focuses on the production and installation of appliances in the field of laundry and dishes care. The main products are clothes dryers, which are distributed through sales representatives to customers worldwide.

Furthermore, it also produces top-loading washing machines and dishwashers. Production is carried out using the latest technologies in the area of about 40.000 square meters, and the Uničov plant is the largest production plant of the Miele Group. Currently, Miele has more than 1.700 employees.

Miele revenue: 4.1 bn EUR

Miele employement: 20.100

East-Gate delivered PROCE55 applications to the Miele production plant in Uničov, Czech Republic.

The solution is based on PROCE55 Warehouse application, which covers all logistics processes from material receipt with quality assurance, through controled warehouses, external warehouses, Toyota semi-automatic warehouse management, to Kanban mode production supply and internal Milk-Runs on multiple lines.

PROCE55-controlled, high-capacity semi-automatic storage system is used by Miele for maximum storage efficiency. In addition to electronic production and non-production Kanban, PROCE55 also helps to manage external warehouses and supermarkets with SVT, JIT (Just-in-Time) and JIS (Just-in-Sequence) supply systems.

Miele also uses PROCE55 system to manage the internal material supply through regular internal milk-run circuits. Material is continuously being transported by trucks and carts in order to increase the transport capacity.

Lean logistics methods are introduced in internal logistics, starting from leveled production, using a combination of fixed and chaotic storage, which allows easy implementation of paper and electronic Kanban cards used for material delivery and also production control.

Miele also uses PROCE55 Scheduling system, which enables planning of production order sequences for individual workplaces.

Miele uses SAP accounting system.

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