Nidec Embraco

Embraco is a company specialized in cooling solutions and world leader in the hermetic compressor market.

Besides the range of compressors, Embraco also produces electrical components, cast iron, and complete cooling systems - for home and commercial use.

The company originates in Brazil, manufacturing units are located in Brazil, Italy, China and Slovakia. It is an affiliate of Whirlpool Corporation.

Revenue (Whirlpool Corporation): 19.9 bn USD (2014)

Number of employees (Whirlpool Corporation): more than 100 000 (2014)

Number of employees (Embraco ): more than 10 000 (2014)

PROCE55 solution in Embraco is used for logistics management system, production confirmation and mobile quality data collection in the compressor manufacturing plant in Spišská Nová Ves (Slovakia).

The PROCE55 Warehouse solution automates the material flows by using barcodes. The material is stored by turnover, goods issue is carried out by FIFO. The warehouse management systems (WMS) uses PROCE55 Mobile platform. Embraco also uses PROCE55 cloud applications for printing supply labels with barcodes.

Current status of the production supply, including the delivery accuracy evaluation and Kanban trains movements is shown real time on large screens placed in the warehouse. The goal of the visualization is to improve the supply accuracy and reduce errors.

The final production confirmation in Embraco is done by PROCE55. The solution is used on multiple production lines and it records the batches and serial numbers of produced compressors through barcodes. It also links them with production orders and packages. This ensures the full traceability, which is a key requirement of Embraco’s customers. The solution is integrated with SAP.

Embraco have introduced a mobile quality data collection. The solution uses PROCE55 Mobile platform and replaced the previously used paper forms. The quality control operators record the measured parameters of the production process through mobile terminals. Once the mobile network availability is detected, measured values are automatically transferred to Infinity, concern quality control system, where are subsequently evaluated (including SPC - Statistical Process Control).

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